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Turtle beaches of Alagadi

Turtle beaches of Alagadi
Turtle beaches of Alagadi

Turtle beaches of Alagadi

At a distance of 15 kilometers to the east from Kyrenia there are the delightful wild beaches Alagadi in three bays. They are distinguished by cleanliness, golden sands, and also by the fact that every year turtles lay their eggs here. The young and old volunteers from the Great Britain put their dwellings nearby to watch the turtles' offspring, protect and help them to come into the world when the time comes. The kinds of turtles, which lay eggs on the beaches Alagadi are endangered species. Therefore, there is a number of rules for staying on the beaches Alagadi: it is forbidden to swim at night, to litter, to use deckchairs and umbrellas, to bring dogs.
The period of laying eggs by turtles is from the end of spring until the middle of summer. At night time they go ashore, dig in over 100 eggs in the sand and swim away forever. After maturing, the baby turtles pierce the shell of their eggs and move to the surface from the sand, then go into the sea. But it is very difficult for small immature creatures to go all this way, so lots of them die.
A big problem for the survival of turtles is garbage. Therefore, volunteers constantly monitor the cleanliness of the beaches of Alagadi.

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